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You've got things twhodo.

Whether it’s basketball or community gardening, great activities are happening all around you. Make new friends while doing the things you love.


What you want to do, when you want to do it.


Bike ride anyone?

The day doesn't end when you get out of work. Login to twhodo and join some new friends for a fun evening ride.


Hit the surf!

It's tough to get your surfing buddies out of bed for some sunrise surf action. Luckily it's easy to create an event. Get out there!



Twhodo isn't just for sports, it's for any activity you can think of. Gardening, yoga, or taking the dog for a walk, we've got you.


Find events near you easily.

It's easy to find your favorite activities when you can sort by location, time and date. Each event is clearly color-cded for your convenience.


All the details, simplified.

Once you've joined an event, you can see all the details from the exact location to everyone else who is going. From here you can say hi to the other participants or opt out, if you think it's not for you.


Say hi before the event.

No need to be shy! Say hi to everyone who will be joining the event beforehand with the chat feature. Having the ability to check in ensures a good time for all!

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